White tea to buy in Mosque

Why is he so appreciated, where to buy such a miracle and how to try it, why is it called so and not otherwise? The answers to many questions in the magical taste and amazing properties. And as for the name, then everything is simple: the plant has a very delicate villi on the ends and the back side of the leaves and buds. In most cases, when the

fermentation and processing of these fibers disappear, and in this case they remain. These fine hairs and gave the name to the drink.

The drink of emperors

White tea is considered to be an expensive drink. For centuries the custom tradition that this drink was offered by only emperors. But still drink has never lost its high cost and sophistication. One of the brightest representatives is White peony tea. It grows only in the province of Fujian.

Leaf collection occurs in the middle of spring. A special way of processing and fermentation plants, a small amount of product, exquisite taste and aroma made him famous all over the world. Compared to other white teas, White peony has a more pronounced taste and aroma. This fact makes it more accessible and more understandable to those who are just beginning to learn the wisdom of the tea party. Silver needle is one kind of white tea.

When the fee is collected only unopened buds and young leaves of plants, more sharp. Drink from this plant has a pleasant sweet taste and pleasant aroma. For the collection of raw materials is given only a few days a year until sunrise, until the disclosure of the leaves and buds.

How to brew

White tea is not difficult to buy, and that’s already in your kitchen. What’s next? Properly, welding.

White Chinese tea is not only the collection and drying of raw materials, but also proper brewing. In order to get a wonderful memorable drink, you must follow a few rules.

First, you will need clean water . glass or earthenware teapot and attitude of a positive outcome.

Secondly, you need to prepare all parts. To heat the water, but not immediately pour over the leaves. The water should cool down to a temperature of 60-80 degrees .

This technique allows you to receive and experience the whole range of tastes and aroma. Necessarily the process should take place in a glass or earthenware teapots or glass. To brew one Cup of tea, you will need only 3 to 5 g of leaves and 150 – 200 ml of water. This tea can be brewed several times. That is why a small number of leaves is enough for a long time.

How much and where to buy

This exquisite and delicate drink is very demanding in terms of storage. He cannot withstand long transportation and rough handling. If You want to try, it’s better to buy Chinese white tea in a small amount, because it can fizzle out and lose all its charm.

White tea is the best to buy in the spring or early summer . because in this period it will be the most high quality and fresh. White tea is prized, and that’s a fact. Therefore, it is rare to find in regular stores.

But our online tea shop – the exception to the rule. For us white tea – the price for the quality of the product and our integrity, so You can trust us. We care about our customers, so You can buy white tea anytime.

If You have any questions, or ways of brewing white tea – feel free to call us or ask questions via email, we will be happy to help You!

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