The therapeutic properties of milk

We all know that when a person gets sick, he first and most often loses appetite, and the food without appetite violates the processes of digestion and assimilation of food. Milk fair to consider “light food” because it digestion appetite is not mandatory, just needed the gastric juice of not burdening the stomach.

Milk is a wonderful product that is suitable for gastro-intestinal tract, diseases of the heart and blood vessels (heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension), diseases associated with the kidneys and liver, and milk can be replaced in food proteins like fish, eggs and meat.

Milk has a so-called diuretic properties, i.e. accelerates the kidneys and thus increases the excretion of urine. In 1865 Russian doctor F. Carelli suggested a special diet for people suffering from edema, which is still recommended therapeutic feeding Clinic, but with a few modifications.

Milk is recommended for gastritis, gastric secretory and motor nervousness and stomach ulcers. But if the body is not able to digest milk, it should be diluted a Cup of weak tea, mineral water and give the patient small portions, but the milk must be warm.

Milk and cream are beneficial to the body during surgery of the gastro-intestinal tract. On the operating table the patient to the small intestine enter the heated mixture of one liter of milk and eggs. cocoa powder and 40 g of alcohol. After this diet the patient quickly goes on the amendment.

In most cases, people with mental illnesses, fever and disturbance of consciousness should also be assigned to liquid meals, which includes milk and products made from it.

Milk is necessary for people working in hazardous industries, with the poisoning of the body acids, heavy metal salts and alkalis.

Milk . highly rich in nutrients, which have seen it about 100. These substances are indispensable for the nutrition of malnourished organisms, weakened and tired of people needing a better diet. It is estimated that half a liter of milk per day to cover the needs of the adult working: protein at 1/5, calcium–¾, in phosphorus – 1/3, in potassium–½, vitamin B2 – fully, vitamins A and B1 – 1/7 and vitamin C – 10%.

Great value for bone growth and restoration of blood are mineral salts of milk.

Milk is a relatively poor iron salts, but these salts in sufficient quantity are part of many other products.

Useful not only whole milk, but skim and buttermilk and whey obtained during the elaboration of milk, cheese, cottage cheese, cream and butter.

From the above material it is seen that milk should be included in the daily human diet, as it is very good for health and has a positive effect on the General condition.

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