The cartridge flavor for the device ADF


Fragrance Description fragrance

Adventures elegant sensual fragrance of red berries, tangerine, Lotus, Jasmine, musk, vetiver and caramel

Adora feminine fragrance with notes of white flowers

Aloe fresh natural aroma with grassy notes

Alberto mesmerizing aroma of grapefruit, ylang-ylang, musk, patchouli, sandalwood and amber

The warm amber delicate Oriental fragrance

Angel is a sensual floral fragrance with citrus and fruity notes, with a train of sandalwood and patchouli

Andrea warm, light woody fragrance with notes of ylang-Ylang

Antiques aroma of expensive Antiques

Orange juicy orange flavor with hints of grapefruit

Orange-Vanilla soft romantic scent of vanilla with orange tone

Orange-Cinnamon holiday scent with spicy notes of cinnamon

Watermelon aromas of ripe watermelon sugar

The rich aroma of bacon smoked bacon

Berberi fresh, elegant floral-citrus aroma

Billard masculine scent with green and marine notes

The pork delicious, spicy flavor roasted meat

Cinnamon rolls are mouth-watering aroma of hot bread cinnamon

Vanilla sky sweet vanilla aroma

The Isabella grape unique aroma of grapes Isabella

Mulled wine is a festive and cozy blend of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg and citrus

Blue shadow. the composition of bitter orange, bergamot with a train of oak moss

Blue sea fragrance with marine notes

Hot bread aroma of freshly baked white bread

Grapefruit-mint bright citrus notes with cool mint accents

Giovanni oceanic scent masculine fragrance with a woody note

Dynamix warm masculine Oriental fragrance with woody notes

Dionysus fresh zelny citrus fragrance with bright notes of bergamot and a touch of oak moss

Homemade cake mouth-watering aroma of hot sweet pie

Melon intoxicating aroma of sweet and juicy melon, warmed by the sun

BlackBerry the pleasant aroma of birch sawing

Spruce aroma of young Christmas trees

Jasmine intoxicating scent of Jasmine

Jojoba magical, gentle, floral fragrance that relaxes and creates a wonderful atmosphere of harmony

Green tea refreshing green tea fragrance

The green smell of freshly cut grass

Emerald mood poignant aroma of fresh herbs and flowers green tea

Figs easy sweet aroma of figs

Cappuccino flavour cappuccino

Cedar noble aroma of bark and wood of cedar

Kir Royale the unique flavor of the classic cocktail with sparkling wine and fruit smoothies

China invigorating minty aroma with notes of camphor oil and oak moss loop

-Strawberry flavor strawberry

Leather noble smell of leather

The delicate scent of coconut coconut

Cola is a classic Cola flavor

Patisserie bright, mouth-watering aroma of delicious, airy cakes

Smoked slightly salty aroma of smoked meat with smoke

Coffee Irish invigorating the aroma of coffee with notes of Irish liqueur

Coffee liqueur noble viscous aroma of coffee liqueur

Coffee and cake sweet aroma of coffee and cakes

Black coffee strong and persistent aroma of roasted coffee beans

Coffee-Choco natural aroma of freshly brewed coffee with hints of dark chocolate

Mahogany noble aroma of tree bark

Cuba Libre the famous fragrance of Cuban rum and Cola

Lavender-Bergamot, herbaceous aroma of lavender with a slight citrus tone

Lily fine fragrance of Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley Mint, subtle floral aroma with a minty tone

Lex modern,masculine, Oriental woody fragrance

Forest after the rain the smell of wet pine forest, moss and fern

Lemon bitter aroma of lemongrass, red grapefruit and lemon

Magma transparent light slightly sukowaty perfume fragrance

Tangerine positive aroma of Mandarin

Honey warm summer flower honey aroma

Melissa lemon classic fragrance of crushed leaves of lemon balm

Mojito a refreshing minty aroma with hints of lime and cane sugar

Muscatel pleasant, delicate aroma of grapes, strawberry and pineapple guava

Mint fresh mint flavor

Soft light aquatic fragrance with green notes of cucumber and green tea

Christmas gift appetizing smell of baby gift set consisting of aromas of chocolate, apples, cookies and candies

Christmas tree smell fabulous spruce forest

Norra delicate floral composition with notes of freesia, orange flower, white peony and nutmeg

Nutella familiar from childhood with the scent of chocolate and nut paste

Opus rich Oriental spicy fragrance with notes of Laurel, coriander, Lily of the valley with a train of amber, sandalwood and cedar

Paprika mouth-watering scent of juicy sweet pepper

Peach yogurt rich aroma of your favorite delicacy, with a gentle creamy peach notes

River aroma is similar to hitting the cool source. The combination of extracts of oak and sycamore has a cooling effect

Christmas spices fine mix of Christmas spices (cinnamon, cookies, Mandarin)

Rose delicate rose scent

Pink grapefruit is a bright, juicy pink grapefruit fragrance

The gardens of the Mediterranean unique floral-fruity fragrance

The sandalwood scent sandalwood

Sarini rich composition based on patchouli, sandalwood, carnation, Mandarin, mint and tobacco

Satsivi appetizing aroma satsivi

The fresh pine smells so good pine trees

Siki light fragrance men’s perfume

Calm balanced harmonious aroma of Apple, orange and vanilla

Cheddar cheese spicy and salty aroma of classic English Cheddar cheese

Tobacco leaf fresh masculine fragrance with a light aroma of expensive cigars

Tequila sunrise, juicy orange flavour and berry syrup

Herbal interesting composition of different herbs, has an invigorating effect on visitors and enlivens any space

Rainforest unique blend of exotic fruits and fresh greens

Fontanella fresh marine fragrance with soft florals

Fruit Paradise fresh scent of melon, watermelon and tropical fruit

The cold sea floral oceanic fragrance with a fresh and invigorating fruity notes

Flower bliss is a bright floral-fruity fragrance of a summer day

Black currant delicious aroma of sweet ripe berries

Ebony classic fragrance for men with notes lemongrass, sage, cinnamon and a trail of amber, patchouli and ebony.

Cherry berry-fruity aroma with notes of violet, Jasmine and patchouli

Chantal bright women’s fragrance composition with Oriental notes and a subtle fruity-florals

Chocolate pleasure alluring aroma of hot chocolate

Apple strong, refreshing aroma of apples

Apple pie a light and airy fragrance with notes of sweets, he will give any room a cozy look

Amber Oriental spicy fragrance with notes of bergamot, geranium, patchouli, vetiver, coriander, amber and vanilla

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