The beneficial properties of turmeric and rosemary

Wellness herbal power – it is an undeniable fact that is used in folk medicine for hundreds of years. Herbs stimulate the whole body, protecting us from disease. Herbs help to preserve the beauty and youthfulness, as beneficial to our skin. Some of the herbal medicines is rosemary and turmeric. The beneficial properties of turmeric and rosemary is known to many people. But if you do not know about the valuable properties of these herbs, then you definitely need to read this material. You need to know about the benefits of these spices and more, add them in your daily diet.


The birthplace of rosemary is a Mediterranean region. The cultivation of this shrub has been known in biblical times. A wreath of rosemary was a prized trophy in ancient Greece. In the middle ages people often drink rosemary tea, as it was believed that it provides a young and beautiful for years to come. Rosemary is a plant always green, it reaches a height of 2 meters. In cooking it is used, it is very fragrant leaves. Valuable is also the bark and stem of rosemary. Rosemary can be grown in home gardens.

The effect of rosemary on the body

One of the primary benefits of rosemary – analgesic effect. The substance contained in the rosemary, relieves pain and has a stimulating effect on our body. In addition, the plant contains valuable flavonoids, tannins. Rosemary has beneficial effects on the heart, because it stimulates blood circulation and increases the pressure.

Also supports the brain and nervous system. Rosemary is recommended for depression, for insomnia, and in the case of frequent headaches and migraines. In case of problems with digestion and lack of appetite are ideal infusion of rosemary. There will also be bloating and gases, which are troublesome to many people. Inhalation of rosemary will help with the runny nose and sinusitis.

Recent studies show that rosemary protects against metastasis of cancer cells to other organs. This is a very important property that can protect us from cancer. The plant helps in the treatment of breast cancer.

The use of rosemary

You can safely add rosemary to meat dishes and soups, as a seasoning. In addition it can be used as a tincture and tea. And after a busy day, you can add in a bath of hot water, a few sprigs of rosemary that will calm the nervous system, will give you the energy and smooth the skin. Rosemary is also perfect as a lotion for the hair, providing Shine and protection from dandruff. Rosemary as a compress relieves swelling, formed after the dislocation.

If you want to get rid of cellulite, add the rosemary essential oil in anti-cellulite cream. Side effects from the use of rosemary are rare, but remember that it affects the menstrual cycle and can speed up menstruation.

Turmeric helps to maintain the health of

Turmeric is used in many kitchens, because it gives the dish a distinctive taste and color. Turmeric is a wealth from India, where it is the main seasoning. Hindus turmeric is added to most dishes. This Oriental taste can be found in world famous curry. However, this seasoning is used not only by taste, turmeric is a natural product that helps to maintain health and beautiful appearance for years to come.

Properties of turmeric

Turmeric has antiviral and antibacterial action. So it can be used in any stomach problems. And anti-inflammatory properties of this spice is also useful in the case of colds and flu. Turmeric provides natural detoxification, cleansing the liver from toxins. Protects against cancer. Replacement salt turmeric will help the fact that the cells of the whole body will work better, at the expense of curcumin – the main component of turmeric. Destroys it cancer cells but does not affect healthy cells and DNA. In addition, turmeric protects against cell mutations and cancer are already in stage one.

Lower susceptibility to infections ensures health and full strength for a long time. A perfect example are the Indians, who very rarely suffer from cancer or other diseases. Seasoning should be added also meals high in protein as it helps with the digestion of proteins and at the same time prevents the deposition of toxins in the body. Due to the regular consumption of turmeric disappear bloating, and improves metabolism. Turmeric in combination with other Oriental spices, such as coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger establishes the correct functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Turmeric has also found its application in cosmetology. Primarily used as a dye for cosmetics. And oil of turmeric is often a component of perfume as it increases Eastern flavors smell. Also popular mask with turmeric that you can apply at home, ensure the effect of smoothing the skin, as well as highly nourish the skin.

How to use turmeric

Turmeric should be added to dishes at the beginning of cooking to get rid of strong odors. Seasoning goes well with paprika or pepper, which is also better absorbed by the body. It can be added to different dishes, but most of all it is combined with rice, vegetables or scrambled eggs, providing the dish a beautiful yellow color.

However, there are contraindications regarding the use of turmeric. The intensity of the spice can hurt people with diseases of the stomach (ulcer). In small amounts it can be added to the milk. Turmeric affects the secretion, therefore, patients with urolithiasis should be avoided. With caution you should use turmeric pregnant women because this spice can cause premature uterine contractions.

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