Not tea tea

Not tea tea — it’s not herbal, as many can think. Of course, it doesn’t include tea leaves, but those leaves that are used for welding, its properties resemble a decoction of the leaves of Camellia sinensis, i.e. the tea Bush.

The most famous are the following fresh juice:

Are used for its manufacture dry perianth hibiscus, representing a tropical shrub of the family Malvaceae, a blossoming red flowers with a diameter of about 10 cm.

When brewed this tea infusion is it turns a bright red color, and the taste has a slight acidity, which shows the brighter, stronger than welding. For a little acidity to appease, in the hibiscus usually add sugar. Drink it both hot and cold.

In its properties it is similar to green tea. because it helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, normalizing their permeability; his frequent use leads to normal blood pressure, accelerates the production of bile, improves the protection of the liver, and in General helps the purification of the body.

Made from powdered bark of the South American Lapacho tree, the Lapacho . Has a bitter-sour taste.

Came to us from Inca, where he enjoyed a very great popularity, as the Incas believed this infusion is a panacea for many diseases such as diabetes, asthma, cancer, arthritis, impotence and other diseases.

The birthplace of this drink of Paraguay . To prepare it from the leaves of the tropical evergreen tree Ilex Paraguariensis . flowering from October to December with small white flowers. This tree can reach 15 meters in height.

To prepare mate . the crushed leaves and shoots, dried at a high temperature until, until they become a light Golden-green color.

Externally finished mate reminiscent of green tea. but unlike the tea beverage is revealed gradually, i.e. its taste is changing in the process of drinking from a light grassy first to clear the bitterness and astringency at the end. Brewing mate can be used as water. and the milk. Same goes for cookware, But the home of the drink for its brewing used Calabash — the jug of pumpkin, rarely of wood or metal, from which then mate and drink through special straws — Bombelli .

Came to us from the Bushmen . To prepare it your own sheets krasnosulinskogo tea that is ground to small red chips. Rooibos has a mild and velvety taste, slightly sweet, so sugar should not be added. The color of the drink reddish, reminiscent of evening dawn.

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