Not tea Rooibos tea

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African Rooibos tea, no additives.

100g. tea in a metallized bag with a label.

Rooibos “Classic”.

Region of growth: South Africa.

Leaves: Crushed the thin branches of the Bush with needle-like leaves about 10 mm in length. “Tea leaves” Rooibos is very dense, the process of extraction of the substances contained therein fairly long, so Rooibos can be brewed several times.

Packaging: metallized package.

Packaging: 100g.

Taste: the Presence of Rooibos glucose makes it a sweet taste without using sugar or sweeteners, the taste also felt the sour taste and aroma of hay.

Effect: Light toning, but in light of the concentration can be even for newborns (helps against colic).

Benefits: a Cup of Rooibos covers 1/2 of the daily requirement of an adult for vitamin C, 1/9 daily requirement for iron. It is well suited as a beverage for vegetarians, whose diet without meat can lead, as we know, to the manifestation of iron deficiency. In addition to iron, Rooibos contains copper — it has an extremely broad range of action in the body. As an integral part of the enzyme ceruloplasmin (Caeruloplasmin) it separates the iron from the food, to convey it to the blood. Additionally, the copper supports protein metabolism, restore the nerves, and metabolism for the color of our skin and hair.

Studies conducted in Japan, found a high content in Rooibos antioxidants and confirmed its usefulness as an aid in the treatment of several diseases.

The plant is a shrub with smooth Central stem, which is already at the earth’s surface appear equally strong branches, and branch off from them thinner, covered with a thin, sharp, soft, needle-like leaves about 10 mm long, solitary or growing in tufts. The plant reaches a height of 1 to 1.5 meters, depending on age, climate and soil conditions in the place of cultivation. Its Latin name is Aspalathus linearis, he belongs to the legume family. It grows in southern Africa, Cederberg mountains, 300 km from Cape town. Rooibos as a plant described in 1772 renowned expert on South Africa, botanist, Carl Peter Thunberg.

Rooibos has long been used to make the drink that has the same name. Collect the leaves that look like needles, but giving when welding very pleasant aromatic and medicinal infusion, first guessed Kaukauna, the indigenous inhabitants of those places. Rooibos was the same than in the other regions are tea, coffee, mate — daily tonic soft drink. It is not only pleasant, but also very rewarding, energizing, strengthening health and even prolong life.

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