Lu Sheng

“Specific advantages of tea are:

It makes the body active and strong;

It helps from headaches, dizziness and severity;

It removes stagnation in the spleen;

He is very good against the sand, cleaning the kidneys and urethra, while drinking with pure honey instead of sugar;

It eliminates shortness of breath, removing obstacles;

He’s good against light intoxication, leaching of substances and clarifies the vision;

It eliminates fatigue, cleanses from caustic bodily fluids hot and cleans the liver;

He’s good against indigestion, stimulates the activity of the ventricles of the heart and stomach, promotes good appetite and digestion, especially for people with a portly body and those who eat a lot of flesh;

It eliminates bad dreams, Slims the body and strengthens the memory;

He overcomes superfluous sleep, and prevents sleepiness in General; take a SIP of the infusion, and so you can easily spend a whole night doing no harm to the body while he gently heals and strengthens the pharynx to the stomach;

It prevents and cures fever, seizures and fever, brewing a suitable number of leaves, gently inducing vomiting, and facilitating breathing through the pores, and it was given with remarkable results;

He cooked with milk and water) increases the internal parts and prevents tuberculosis;

And also effectively relieves intestinal pain, cramps and lethargy bowel;

It is good for colds, dropsy and scurvy, if properly extracted, cleanses the body through sweat and urine and removes the infection;

He takes away any pain associated with colic in the wind, and safely cleans the gall bladder”.

It is these values and excellent beverage quality, proven by doctors and prominent people from France, Italy, the Netherlands of that time, as well as the high cost of exotic drinks available then only the truly noble and rich, inspired Thomas Garvey to buy tea leaves in sufficient quantity for sale to the General public. The campaign was held by all the laws of good PR, and is known to have been a success.


Improves digestion – all types

Has bactericidal action – all types

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