Lime tea is beneficial properties and contraindications

Many are admirers of tea from Linden flowers. This fragrant drink that has a pleasant, sweet flavor is also considered a unique drug. Ancient Slavs were widely used by the healing properties of lime.

In ancient times people believed the Holy tree and planted it near the temples. In addition, Lipa connected many legends. For example, it was believed that under her crown,

you can find protection from the storm.

But, if a man falls asleep under the Linden tree, you certainly will soon find happiness. Therefore, at birth in the family of the firstborn definitely planted a Linden tree, hoping that she will keep the child on life’s journey.

Modern science knows more than forty species of lindens. The tree has covered a broad habitat is Europe, North America, the Caucasus, South Asia. In the Russian regions more common small-leaved lime, which not only adorns the city’s parks and gardens, but feels fine in the wild.

The tree belongs to the centenarians, age, in some cases, can reach thousands of years, and the average lifespan is 3-4 century. Flowering tree in early summer (June-July), bringing the scent of the bees. Interestingly, during the season, only one bee colony can collect from tree to 15 kg of Linden honey. This is the most useful type of honey.

Useful properties of Linden tea

Lime color cope with many diseases. Its decoction to treat colds and insomnia, kidney disease and sexual sphere. With this versatile tool, you can easily lose those extra pounds.

These rich features are widely used in traditional medicine. Microbiologists have studied the chemical composition of lime flowers and were amazed at how many useful things for the body they contain.

Here, only the main components:


essential oils;



vitamin C;


Thanks to this unique composition of lime color excellent antioxidant, it also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. In addition, it is an effective diaphoretic and febrifuge. So often tea from Linden flowers are used in colds. Still it is effective as a diuretic and cholagogue.

The collection and storage of

Clearly, to achieve the desired result, you must know how to properly collect and store Linden flowers. Gathering raw materials in dry, calm weather. Better to do it before noon, so the sun did not have time to dry out the nutrients. Selected for a medicinal tea only healthy and fully opened inflorescence.

Not recommended workpiece near roads and industrial enterprises.

The collected material should be stored in canvas bags or in paper bags. Use plastic containers, as in such adverse conditions, the pollen of the flowers lose their useful properties.

How to make tea from the flowers of Linden

Special there are no secrets. In principle uses the same technology as when brewing any tea. But in this case, a prerequisite is the use of porcelain or ceramic ware. First, the capacity should pour boiling water, and then pour the dry material on the basis that 1 tbsp of raw materials put 200 ml of water.

Pour flowers are best slightly cooled boiling water (temperature of 90-95*). After this manipulation of the container cover tightly, and it is best to additionally wrap it with a towel. After twenty minutes of brewing the tea you can drink.

Ready to drink consumed in pure form and in combination with honey or lemon. Can lime color mixed with regular black tea. Get a drink with exquisite taste. The rest of the tea can be poured into the ice tray and put in the freezer. Ice cubes are used for the morning toilet of a person. After the procedure, which helps to get rid of small foci of inflammation and pimples, the skin becomes silky and elastic.

Lime tea for colds

Useful properties of Linden tea can be listed for a long time, but it is worth noting that it is loved by many people, the drink has a powerful preventive effect. For example, if a person feels the first signs of an impending respiratory infection or flu, it helps to first drink a Cup of Linden tea, and a half-hour to drink another Cup and the disease will pass or will take place in a milder form.

Also tea made from Linden flowers is an effective expectorant and is not inferior to pharmacy drugs.

Contraindications Linden tea

Despite the fact that Linden tea is very useful, but in its application there are limitations. First, you should not drink too much. Especially those who suffer from nervous disorders and heart diseases. Because lime color markedly activates the protective functions, its excessive use increases the load on the heart and leads to overstimulation.

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