Harm cocoa

Cocoa is a favourite with all of us since childhood ingredient. Yes that a sin to conceal, few adults will refuse to eat a piece of chocolate cake or pastries. Surprisingly, in Europe cocoa became popular only in the middle ages. Today we are not going to delve into the history of this ingredient. Let’s learn about the useful and harmful properties of cocoa. Favorably if it affects our body and health?

Unfortunately, except cocoa in all sorts of sweets adds a considerable amount of food additives. Why chocolate is today considered to be one of the most harmful foods. However, if you choose the right product, chocolate automatically ceases to be so harmful. Be sure to pay attention to the composition! Best prefer bitter chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa content and a minimal amount of preservatives and thickeners.

Harm the cocoa in most cases associated with high caffeine content. In fact, cocoa contains only 0.2 percent of caffeine. However, I suggest you reduce the amount eaten sweets (which is cocoa).

Fans of soluble cocoa powder that we usually fill with water or milk, you should know that cocoa powder contains significant amounts of lead. Therefore, reduce the consumption of such a drink. Better for you and for your children to acquire natural cocoa powder and his own cooking.

However, not all so sad! Cocoa is an excellent natural antioxidant. That is why, after a few pieces of chocolate or a Cup of fragrant cocoa, you have enhanced the mood.

Moreover, it should be noted that cocoa has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. And bioactive ingredients of cocoa (in chocolate with high cocoa beans) reduce the agglutination of platelets. Also cocoa has a positive effect on brain activity and reduces blood pressure.

Helpful or harmful cocoa? Decide for yourself. With the right approach to the choice of products with a cocoa content of any health problems will not arise.

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