Harm and benefits of green CA

In ancient times it is known about the benefits of green tea. Earlier it was used as a cure for various ailments. Modern scientists have also proven the benefits of tea, which is due to a high content of different chemicals. In the composition of tea contains about 500 elements, such as phosphorus, calcium, fluorine, magnesium, etc. almost all groups of vitamins and a huge number of organic compounds, namely 450 species (fats, proteins, etc. ).

There are a few components that provided green tea-known magical properties:

Alkaloids. Caffeine — the main alkaloid of green tea. We feel a surge of courage and strength thanks to him. But is there caffeine in pure form, and is called theine. It improves performance, stimulates mental and physical activity.

Minerals. Green tea includes a 4–7% macro – and micronutrients. They are needed by our body for normal functioning of all its systems. For example, the immunity is lowered due to the lack of zinc, nails become brittle, start to lose hair. With proper consumption of green tea may help to solve this problem.

The polyphenols. Catechins also determine the benefits of green tea. This group of components similar to Politeama in composition. Many scientists have been studying them ever since, in medicine, they are used for the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

By the way, green tea may also cause harm. It is contraindicated in people who suffer from nervous exhaustion. The caffeine included in green tea, stimulates the nervous system. Because of this, this group of people may experience a loss of energy and sleep disturbance. Also tea is not recommended for those who suffer from tachycardia, insomnia, irritability. Women know that during pregnancy, menses, before birth and during breastfeeding should abandon this drink.

Of course, green can be purchased at the grocery store, but better to do it in pharmacies or in specialized stores. To find out in the Internet, is to enter into a search to buy Chinese tea .

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