Green tea pressure

There is a legend that in ancient China the Emperor was very fond of drinking boiled water and therefore regularly boil it in large quantities. At one point he fell asleep at his favorite process and at this time a wind blew and brought from the neighbouring Bush a few leaves that fell into the cauldron of the Emperor. Waking up the Emperor drank his favorite boiled water and was pleasantly surprised by its flavor and aroma, and subsequent vigor from him. The resulting drink he called “cha” . that stands for “young leaf” .

Since then and until the present time, the art of drinking green tea develops, and fans are becoming more and more. And this is not surprising,

since green tea contains a lot of useful items, and scientists around the world every day more and more healing properties “cha”.

Of all the healing properties of green tea can be identified such as slowing down the aging process, enhanced metabolism and decreased appetite, healing properties of treatment of psoriasis and reducing blood sugar, strengthening the walls of blood vessels and a strong antimicrobial effect.

However do not forget that any medication can have its contraindications . Such has and green tea. It greatly lowers pressure, can cause allergies, while consuming large quantities of green tea can “drown out” the kidneys and liver. Because “cha” is a sophisticated drink that should be consumed, knowing the norm. But the norm is not more than 2 cups of tea a day.

As for the drinking of tea is “cha”, our team recommendet drink only loose leaf tea, in which is preserved the true taste of this drink . But if you don’t like the tart taste of green tea, we advise to drink “cha” is enriched with Jasmine, chrysanthemum, Lily or carnation. This tea takes on an entirely different taste, who, incidentally, had their own big army of fans.

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