Ginger tea for weight loss

As you know, ginger is widely used for cooking of various dishes, to desserts. To prepare ginger tea for weight loss have to take dried ginger. It is the dried spice will allow you to achieve the most effective results, because in this form of the plant is best perceived and assimilated by the body.

Thus, the preparation of ginger tea is a process that requires no cooking skills. It is enough to take about 5 inches of ginger root, which should add a couple of cloves of garlic. Garlic and root should be thoroughly clean, then finely chop in the form of chips and pour hot water. The solution is infused, and then the dry residue is removed with the maximum fine strainer. Tea with a spicy and pungent taste cooked. This taste leads to the fact that is repeatedly accelerated metabolism in the body and normalizes digestion, thereby possible to achieve a slim form without extra gram of adipose tissue. If you have a desire to warm tea can add a little honey.

You should pay attention to the fact that ginger tea has some contraindications. If doctors have found you have kidney stones, it is possible to lose weight by using ginger is not worth it. Also drink should not be consumed in the presence of heart diseases, high temperature, high pressure, ulcers, or allergic reactions. Nor should please yourself ginger tea, if you are a pregnant girl or are nursing a young mother. In General, it is necessary not to risk and not to experiment without first consulting the doctor.

If the medical specialist found no contraindications, then you can start the process of losing weight with the help of ginger tea. First, you should not drink mug per day, but gradually this number can be increased to almost a couple of liters, making ginger infusion with their main drink. Surprisingly, the results can be noticed almost instantly. A couple of weeks later your reflection in the mirror will say that there was a positive trend of becoming more slender forms. In conclusion, we need to consider a few other simple recipes ginger tea:

The easiest lies in the sliced pieces of ginger flexibly, putting them in a thermos and fill with boiling water. This infusion can be drunk within a day 30 minutes before meal;

On a fine grater rubbed fresh ginger root in quantities of half a teaspoon. Add a Cup of boiling water, and green or black tea. Maceration lasts half an hour, after which the beverage is filtered;

15-20 grams of finely chopped ginger root pour a glass of boiling water. Is added to the infusion pinch of mint, as much thyme and a couple of lemon slices. Infuse the mixture for 10 minutes, then filtered.

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