Ginger tea for weight loss

Many of us thought about the issue of weight loss, or just want to get in shape, for example, for the beach season, and we all heard about cleansing teas

and possibly used to this end a variety of slimming teas .

This article contains a variety of recipes ginger tea for weight loss .

Ginger tea for weight loss has a long history. For the first time it began to be used to improve digestion and cleansing in Eastern countries since ancient times, in the houses of the nobility was commonplace overeating, and ginger tea provided the best result to improve and restore the normal functioning of the stomach.

Ginger root speeds up metabolism and stimulates circulation, which helps get rid of the extra pounds accumulated.

The ginger tea recipes for weight loss:

There are many different recipes of ginger tea for weight loss, because in its composition often includes supplements, amplifying the effect.

The basis of any ginger tea following proportion: ginger root the size of a plum and 2 litres of water per day. Ginger tea for weight loss is contraindicated in nursing mothers.

Ginger tea for weight loss.

Ginger root peel and cut into thin slices, put in a thermos, pour boiling water for a few hours and strain. Drink 0.5-1 glass about half an hour before eating.

Ginger tea for weight loss with garlic.

Clean ginger root, slice it into thin slices or grate it is not grater. Chop a couple of cloves of garlic, add everything into a thermos and pour boiling water. Infuse for 15 minutes, then strain and drink without food during the day.

Ginger tea weight loss with honey and lemon.

To make this tea peel and thinly slice the ginger root, put them into a saucepan, cover with water and cook 15 minutes on low heat with the moment of boiling.

When ginger slimming tea has cooled to body temperature, strain it and add lemon juice (about a quarter Cup) and a little honey.

This tea recipe is very popular among Hollywood stars. Demi Moore often uses this option of ginger tea for weight loss . adding mint leaves or lemon balm.

If the basic recipe add tea leaves cranberries it improves kidney and bladder.

Ginger tea for weight loss is very useful but not a panacea, therefore, not to limit the intake of sweets and fatty foods it will not bring tangible results. Use it together with a low calorie diet and exercise, then the result will please You.

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