Ginger tea boosts the immune system

For this tea you will need:

Water — 2 liters

Ginger — 70 grams (it’s a piece about 10 × 4 cm)

Lemon — 1 piece (juice)

Sugar — 100 grams or honey

In this tea are well suited spices: fennel, anise or fresh mint leaves. Will be very cool. Add along with ginger (when the water is boiling).

How to prepare:

Join Kate…

Who Often Comes Here.

Peter Khilko, 26 years old, Sevastopol

Only vegetarianism and eating right help me to be healthy 100%…

I was thin and I was afraid that the vegetarianism more to lose weight, but I haven’t dropped any weight. The muscles grow and become stronger from exercise, not from meat.

Another rumor has it that those who do not eat red meat can be erection problems. By yourself do not notice. I have even worsened eyesight (I have myopia).

Pauline, 18 years old, Moscow

Katya, thank you so much!

I have been practicing yoga and want to become a vegetarian. Overlaid with all sorts of recipes – terribly difficult and have given up. how you suddenly appeared! –

Simple and delicious recipes. I’m just happy You’re doing fine!

I became a vegetarian recently. I already had energy and strength, which never happened.

Usually, when the presence of young children, moms barely reach the evening, and I have an endless supply!

My girls also enjoy eating what I cook with these videos!

I tried to cook dinner your recipe and fed it to his friend. he said that delicious pea soup he hasn’t eaten.

Wih the Rams, 23 years old, Sumy

2 years do not eat meat.

Regularly doing in the gym.

Friends said that I did not have the energy and I’m going to faint if I do not eat meat at least a couple days.

But becoming a vegetarian, my strength not to do, but on the contrary increased. I have been actively engaged in the gym, play football, work.

Now I am mockery to react to the allegation that the absence in the diet of meat, fish and eggs, as-that will affect muscle mass, strength and endurance.

Margarita, Kazakhstan

A week after Kate first video I became a culinary freak.

Like the fact that in addition to the recipes, it explains when it is best to eat and what to include, so as not to drop a clanger.

To cook her recipes can even little boy. All recipes are quick and taste like the restaurant.

My husband even noticed that he had turned down something!

I was really struck to cook! And it was this site!

Roma, Zaporozhye

“. Since then, as I started to eat according to your advice, I feel much better. I quit Smoking and drinking.

Looking back, I realize that when I ate meat, I felt awful. ”

Misha, 19 years old, Donetsk

“. How cool to be a vegetarian: enough energy for the whole day! (especially after following Kate’s diet). ”

Olga Karpova, 24 years old, Yaroslavl

“for me vegetarianism”

Vegetarianism is a whole new world. It’s easy at all. In life, in spirituality, in life!

It is the relationship with animals is sincere, not hypocritical love for them. This is an opportunity to feel like a real Person. This desire to live to the fullest!

And certainly is yummy. Cooking is very interesting: include the brain, imagination, fantasy. Create and surprise your other dishes))

Andrew, 25 years old, Moscow

“. My active life requires a tremendous amount of energy. And I take it solely from plant foods.

. I dispelled the myth for yourself and that meat is the only source of essential protein, when I learned that only a small portion of meat protein can be absorbed by our body. ”

Ilya, Moscow

Sometimes I have all day to mess around. Before I was very tired. Came home already “dead”.

Now, on the contrary, when he became a vegetarian, instead of relax, go to the gym. And even after rocking still a lot of energy!

I began to eat, as advised Katya: these products for Breakfast, some for lunch. and already on the fourth day, I lost my chronic laziness!

Now I sleep a healthy deep sleep! (I don’t remember when I last had a good sleep)

I began to practice yoga, not “stuck” behind a computer, get up at 6 am and I have a lot of enthusiasm to cool to spend the day and don’t dawdle.

Kostya, 26, Almetyevsk

I to vegetarianism not being taken seriously, thought it was stupid and made fun of those who did not eat meat.

Now I don’t eat meat around half a year after I watched the movie “Earthlings”.

It turns out that vegetarianism is very practical and saves a lot of time.

Kate, Monaco

I’ve been meaning to switch to a vegan diet, but I was afraid that I would die of boredom from chewing cabbage leaf.

For me this project is a godsend. I don’t know how, and did not like to cook, and now do not go out from the kitchen. It was all very tasty!

Sergey Nikitin, 23 years old, the suburbs

I didn’t expect it to be so tasty!

Swept the entire plate and ran for more =))

This energy increment, as now, was never. Previously, there was no free energy and it all came down to a “work-home-sleep-work”.

Nothing on the compatibility of the products, didn’t know what spices. All these details so much change everything.

Thank you very much for the project. I learn very much new.

Jack, 23 years old, Moscow

I have diabetes and the doctors begged me “no meat – no way!”. However, over the 2 years of vegetarianism I have nothing fell off.

Doing judo, participate in competitions. Became only more agile and a lot tougher. As the horse. Head is now faster and takes correct/winning solutions.

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