Cup of boiling water, 2-3 slices of dried insira or 8th of a teaspoon of powder, slice of lemon, a teaspoon of honey.

How to cook

Boil 1 Cup of water, remove from heat, pour boiling water 8th of a teaspoon of ginger powder [or 2-3 slices of dried ginger], stir. Add a slice of lemon and honey.

Drinking before or after meals in small SIPS.

Tea is good for absolutely everyone. It strengthens the digestive fire, neutralize accumulated in our stomach toxins and helps in food absorption. Also ginger tea is a GREAT NATURAL REMEDY for the common COLD!

Additional information

Now that over a year ago I read on the Internet, since then, often drink this tea.

Ginger – perhaps the most useful of spices. In Sanskrit it is called “visvabharati”, which means “universal medicine”. Sharp to the taste, it belongs to the category of “hot spices” kindling the fire of digestion and improves circulation.

Dry ginger flakes and ground ginger slightly sharper fresh ginger and have a more penetrating effect.

Ginger strengthens the memory, digestive strength and stomach, cures liver, boosts sexual potency, disperses the gases in the intestine, dissolve thick, sticky mucus that forms on the walls of the stomach, intestines and other organs, has a beneficial effect of ginger on the weak and nervous stomachs, especially in the absence of appetite.

Regular use of ginger in food in small quantities, increases internal warmth, awakening the appetite and promoting digestion, warming the stomach and blood.

Ginger thins the blood so the brain is better supplied with oxygen. For this reason, ginger is very useful for people engaged in intellectual work, journalists, artists. Recommended: one quarter teaspoon of ginger, the creative meetings.

Ginger is a simple and effective means for relieving headaches, contusions, sprains, back pain (sciatica): for these purposes, ginger is used in the form of a paste (ginger powder + few drops of hot water), compresses and therapeutic baths.

Ginger is also used in paralysis, jaundice, parasitic diseases, diarrhea and food poisoning.

If you feel heaviness in the stomach and valos throughout the body, if you often feel tired and irritated if your eyes have lost their luster, and the skin has a pale color if your breath smells bad, and you have no appetite, you in your your body has too many toxins, or namerevajushijsja waste of food, putting off the cells of the body, poisoning your whole body and lead to various diseases.

To return the appetite, good mood, fresh complexion and clear eyes will help You ginger.

Ginger strengthens the memory, opens blockages in the liver, soothes the body, removes thick and raw matter of the brain and larynx.

Ginger take to stop diarrhea, to eliminate the harmful action of animal poisons.

If you are sensitive to irritation of the larynx ginger drink with honey and almond oil.

Ginger is used as a seasoning and after meals to improve digestion, it also creates a good smell in your mouth.

To do this, take a small amount of crushed ginger (tip of the spoon) or a small piece of whole ginger and chewed in the mouth, slowly swallowing. Dose single use ginger inside – about 3 grams.

Ginger is also widely used AS a SPICE in cooking.

It is especially useful in cold weather and in cold climates. Ginger makes the food light and easy to eat and gives it a slightly tangy, spicy taste. It is used for making sweets, stewed pears, marmalade and candied fruit.

Ginger gives a subtle flavor to soups, especially bean, potato and sauces and all kinds of rice dishes.

The slice of ginger can be added in the second dish during cooking and remove it before serving.

But if, boil the milk, add one slice of dry ginger (about 2 cm), you will have no problems with his digestion.

It is also useful to chew a ginger after meals – it purifies the mouth and creates in the mouth a pleasant smell.

It cures sore throat, cough, runny nose, blockage of the lungs and bronchi.

Mix the sour cream with ginger and apply on the chest, as a yellow card.

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