Ginger diet

Ginger is one of the world’s most popular spice, which is usual for Asian, Indonesian, Thai, Indian and Chinese cuisines.

Ginger is often used as a standalone dish. You can cook pickled ginger, ginger jam, which is aromatic and sweet, it often made the countries of Southeast Asia. The ginger in these regions for many centuries used both in the

prophylaxis and treatment of various diseases. It is composed of medicinal substances that help to prevent intestinal infection effectively handle a toothache, colds, inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity.

The root in Europe was imported in the middle Ages. Immediately its properties have appreciated, it was thought to be not only a fragrant additive to various dishes, but also a natural medicine that can protect even from this terrible disease, like a plague. Most popular in European countries, ginger is received in a dank and damp of England, where it was added to cakes, bread, cooked ginger beer, to treat a cold used tea with honey, lemon and ginger. In Russia, this plant was placed in such a popular winter drink, the drink, also it was added to the dough for rolls, sweet rolls, gingerbread. In modern European cuisine has become very popular ginger sauce, served with poultry and meat.

In the dry rhizome of ginger contains vitamin C, b vitamins, and essential oils and essential amino acids. With essential oils of this plant has a warming and disinfectants, as well as a pleasant fragrance. Ginger diet is based on the fact that this root has the ability to stimulate human digestion, heat exchange processes, to excrete toxins and reduce appetite. When compliance would not have a bad be limited in food, but it is still desirable for some time to give up sweets, canned food and oily food. Daily calories should be around 1600-1800 calories, but reduce it gradually, so the body is not experiencing stress.

Length ginger diet should be from half to two months. During this time people should drink ginger tea, but it’s not sold in stores. To prepare this drink you need, using dried, or even better – fresh ginger. And to drink this tea daily.

In order to prepare ginger tea, need per liter of water to take one large spoonful of ginger, which was pre-shredded on a grater. If the fresh root on hand, you can use ginger powder in the amount of one small spoon. Ginger from the evening you need to pour boiling water, it is desirable to prepare the drink in a thermos, then by morning it will be possible to drink.

Drink ginger tea follows several techniques, thirty minutes before meals and before going to bed, to SIP. In a week the person will lose approximately one to two kilograms. But you need to understand that ginger diet is not a panacea for all people who wish to lose excessive weight.

To use ginger root has a lot of serious contraindications. Although this weight loss method and has a slow pace, it still does not fit all. For example, from the use of ginger drink has to abandon the people who have peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, cholelithiasis, ulcerative colitis and other diseases of the digestive system. Its in no case should not drink when feeding and during pregnancy. Moreover, in the composition of ginger are substances that interact with certain medications, for example, anticoagulant, hypotensive and other.

It’s not the whole list of contraindications, so before people start to drink ginger tea for weight loss, it is imperative to consult a specialist.

If there are no contraindications, ginger diet can bring excellent results. A nice bonus to losing weight is improving the appearance of skin as it cleanses the intestines and boosts the immune system.

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