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The taste of cocoa is one of the “taste of childhood”. This drink of the gods is associated not only with childhood, but is warming and helpful Dr

The taste of cocoa is one of the “taste of childhood”. This drink of the gods is associated not only with childhood, but is warming and healthy drink. Unlike tea and coffee, cocoa contains very little amounts of caffeine that with

the right preparation will help to avoid side reactions. Another thing is theobromine, a substance similar in composition and effect with caffeine, contained in cocoa in high concentrations, although not hazardous to overall health.

Cocoa is rich in protein, fiber and vitamins. Especially in folic acid. In cocoa a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids which are necessary for building cell membranes and can reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. Some elements of cocoa powder is the record, but by the content of iron and zinc, it can be called a leader among products.

Eating cocoa is very useful as a prophylactic. In cocoa contains many antioxidants that slow aging and help prevent many diseases.

First cocoa was in Spain, then it known in France. At first, the American beverage drank only members of Royal families, and only in the XVIII century it became widespread. Cacao was first cultivated in Africa. We also began to produce chocolate in the nineteenth century.

About the benefits of cocoa known by the American Indians long before Columbus. From the fruit of the cocoa made the drink chocolatl, which means “bitter water”. The Indians cocoa was considered a sacred plant, given to them by the gods. Europeans discovered cocoa in the first half of the XVI century.

Vegetable matter cocoa contain elements that prevent the risk of cancer cells

Cocoa recommended for people with heart disease

Cocoa reduces blood pressure, improves the blood circulation in the human body

In a Cup of cocoa three times more antioxidants than a Cup of green tea

Cocoa is especially useful for diabetics, it helps to expand the arteries, preventing heart attacks and strokes

A Cup of hot chocolate a day reduces the risk of blood clots

With regular but moderate consumption of cocoa nails and hair become stronger. And all thanks to the high content of “the beauty mineral” – sulphur

Promotes detoxification of the liver

Normalizes the functioning of the pancreas

Cocoa stimulates mental activity, improves concentration, which is important for knowledge workers, schoolchildren and students

Cocoa helps in the treatment of diarrhea

The optimum amount of cocoa a day or two cups. Scientists offer the most healthy recipe cocoa: organic cocoa powder, soy milk, a little cinnamon and no sugar. Drunk in the morning, this drink awakens the body and brain adjusts to the good work for the whole day

Cocoa is a wonderful gift of nature, which strengthens the health of a person, giving it vitality and energy.

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