Cocoa without milk

Cocoa taste we all grew up around. -) It is usually prepared with milk. The recipe couldn’t be any easier: heat milk, add cocoa powder, if you need sugar (although it is often put in a Cup). Bring to the boil, remove the cocoa is ready.

But foam is also familiar from childhood. -) Experience and it is not the most pleasant.

Plus, you know, not all adults digest milk normally: for example, I it in any way does not want (the maximum is in the form of ice cream, and that is very rare). Besides country milk fat, its not easy to drink. -) However, dislike milk is not a reason to abandon the beloved cocoa.

In exactly the same way cocoa is prepared and on the water! Pros – no foam, no milk. -) Almost Aztec version. It is best to add a bit of vanilla. The drink turns out great. The smell of it is absolutely no different from the “milky” option.

We like this cocoa drink pure, without sugar or honey. To taste you can add sweet, who loves, but need no special: cocoa is not so bitter, the taste is soft and pleasant.

To cook, of course, need not be in the powder, which is from the Soviet era sold in stores. IT’S NOT THE PRODUCT! Don’t know how do it, but with real cocoa, it has very little in common. Found here this cocoa powder (it can be found on the Internet on sale) – 100% cocoa Plein Arome, Belgium. It’s the cocoa itself is a bold (and to the touch, and felt the drink) – its fat content is stated on the pack is 22-24%. Perhaps this is why well-prepared without milk and its fat content is enough.

Specified in the store what cocoa said, “Belgian cocoa powder undergoes little processing (alkalization) is a process cocoa powder, reducing the amount of acid and tannins, which improves the taste, color and aroma. But this does not reduce its useful properties, both cocoas are delicious and natural.”

Both varieties – red and black. This is from the new order. I pictured a pack, if I’m not mistaken – brown (brown).

Also finally decided the question and where to look for good cocoa mass. Usually there selling this cocoa powder. About him: “Cocoa powder from Lucera even better than the Belgian, as Luker is a Colombian supplier of raw materials (cocoa beans) high quality, that is, cocoa paste from his homeland, without additional processing cycles”. So sold and Belgian, and other cocoa mass (in tiles usually) is of excellent quality and is ideal for home of chocolate and cocoa.

Found even in the sale of cocoa beans, ground, small buckets, probably can be added to homemade candy, etc. we have not tried.

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