Cocoa health beverage

Cocoa is a wonderful gift of nature, which strengthens the health of a person, giving it vitality and energy. This drink improves memory, stimulates the blood vessels, keeps you young. How to cook cocoa?

About the benefits of cocoa known by the American Indians

long before Columbus. From the fruit of the cocoa made the drink chocolatl, which means «bitter water». The Indians cocoa was considered a sacred plant, given to them by the gods. Europeans discovered cocoa in the first half of the XVI century.

First cocoa was in Spain, then it known in France. At first, the American beverage drank only members of Royal families, and only in the XVIII century it became widespread. Cacao was first cultivated in Africa. In Russia, the chocolate began to produce in the nineteenth century.

Eating cocoa is very useful as a prophylactic. In cocoa contains many antioxidants that slow aging and help to maintain health. Cocoa ahead of the other drinks on the content of antioxidants and other beneficial elements, so it is better able to prevent cancer and heart disease.

Scientists from the University of l’aquila in Italy believe that the drink improves brain activity and memory, so it is particularly useful to those people who are engaged in mental labor. The cocoa is recommended and older, they should also train the brain to slower aging.

The volunteers drank cocoa for eight weeks, and then were tested. As it turned out, they had improved cognitive memory function. Experts believe that such results can be achieved thanks to the flavonoids found in fruits cocoa. These antioxidants stimulate the blood vessels that feed the brain.

Cocoa is a source of folic acid, iron, potassium and zinc. In addition, cocoa powder contains caffeine, theophylline and theobromine, which are excellent tonics.

Cocoa is better to drink in the morning during Breakfast or in the middle of the day but not at night.

Several recipes cocoa.

To prepare 1 liter of cocoa needs to be brought to a boil 1 liter of milk. Cocoa powder mixed with sugar and diluted with a small amount of cold milk/water. In a separate bowl (for example, in a large glass) is mixed with hot milk 5 dessert spoons of cocoa powder and 5 teaspoons of sugar so to make a thick pasty mass. Boiled milk/water, add diluted cocoa. Again bring to a boil, remembering to stir.

100 ml of milk add two tablespoons cocoa, stir, add a Cup of warm water and put on fire. When boiling add a few slices of dark chocolate and simmer all over low heat. When chocolate is dissolved, add spices to taste.

Cocoa can be drunk both cold and hot. Serve cocoa is best with not too sweet pastries (biscuits, cookies).

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