Cocoa benefit or harm

The ancient Aztecs on the territory of modern Mexico cultivated cocoa beans and cooked an excellent drink, which gave energy and strength, making the person more energetic. This was the use of cocoa drink for the ancient Aztecs.

In childhood, almost every one of us became acquainted with this amazing drink with a pleasant taste. Our grandparents

and parents never wondered cocoa – benefit or harm? Since then many years have passed, and ordinary citizens, as well as many scientists wondered whether useful cocoa, or is it unsubstantiated rumors.

Benefit or harm

The beneficial properties of cocoa

Cocoa is considered a very nutritious drink, which well satisfies hunger.

In cocoa contains many different nutrients – vegetarian protein and fats, sucrose, carbohydrates, organic acids, saturated fatty acids, dietary fiber, starch, and vitamins (A, PP, E, C) and minerals (sulfur, phosphorus, zinc, iron, chlorine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium).

Cocoa is known for its antidepressant – phenylethylamine, which elevates mood and is able to expel melancholy and depression.

Cocoa restores strength well to adults and children who have recently been ill or infectious colds. Potassium, which is located in cocoa, useful for relief of heart failure.

Due to the high content of antioxidants – cacao slows aging and prevents cancer. Moreover, as practice shows, people who regularly drink cocoa, inflammatory processes cease.

Unsaturated fatty acids found in cocoa, regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Regular consumption of the drink normalizes blood pressure, improves the functioning of the brain and cerebral circulation. Eating cocoa is beneficial in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

Warm cocoa is recommended to use with a strong cough (cocoa inhibits the cough reflex).

Children of cocoa gives strength, improves performance, stimulates the brain activity, protects from diseases.

Nutritional benefits of the cocoa evaluated beauticians and cosmetic companies. Cocoa is widely used in shampoos: they give a healthy look and Shine to hair. In SPA salons make wraps and massage on the basis of cocoa butter.

According to experts, the cocoa is very beneficial to teenagers in puberty.

The harm from cocoa

However, with all the advantages cocoa not all useful. For example, because contained in the cocoa purine compounds should not be consumed with kidney abnormalities, and gout.

Cocoa is harmful to children, aged less than three years, as this drink stimulates the nervous system. Taking into account of the exciting action this drink is recommended to be consumed during Breakfast or afternoon tea.

Not recommended to use cocoa for constipation and diarrhea. To exclude cocoa from the diet is necessary for patients with atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus.

The use of cocoa butter during pregnancy

Of course, cocoa is more positive sides than negative, but during pregnancy from him should be abandoned (it is a strong allergen and prevents the absorption of calcium). Lack of calcium can cause irreparable harm to the health of the unborn child and the mother.

How to choose cocoa

1. Pay attention to the composition. In a useful and natural cocoa must be at least 15% cocoa fat!

2. A small amount of powder RUB between your fingers, if cocoa is of good quality, then there should be no lumps.

3. Natural powder is brown or light brown color.

4. Brewing cocoa powder notice the sludge, if cocoa is of good quality, then the precipitate will not.

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