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White tea

Weak fermentation (about 5-7%) exposed to white tea . This drink is incredibly useful, it has a pleasant and long aftertaste. The name of the drink received thanks to a special kind of kidney, the surface of which is covered with white pile. In terms of the five elements, which are adopted in traditional Chinese medicine, this kind of tea is attributed to the metal.

White tea retains the sheet in the form as it grows on a Bush. In the course of its processing and packaging at a minimum level resides the human impact. This drink was honorable at the court of the Chinese Emperor: has long loved him for a very sophisticated and refined taste, unusual flavor.

The history of white tea has nearly nine hundred years. In modern times there is a huge variety of teas, many of which were removed long ago – about a century ago.

The most popular types of white tea

Today it is accepted to allocate four of the world’s most popular varieties of white tea. These include:

​ Gong, Mei (translated as “an offering, a gift”);

​ Show Mei (means “brow of the elder”);

​ Bimodal (translated as “white peony”);

​ Bai Hao Yin Zhen (translated as “white haired silver needle”).

There are several varieties of white tea, which are less popular.

For the production of white tea, use the leaves of the tea Bush defined varieties: Shui Xiang, Da Bai Hao and others. The main specificity of the bushes BB is that they begin to vegetate at the end of the month of February. It was at this time there are small buds, the surface of which is covered with white pile. This is also the idea of nature: the particular pile are present on the twigs of the plant, protecting it from negative natural influences, in particular, cold weather.

Previously white tea personified the highest quality, belonged to the category of elite drinks, was considered a sign of prosperity in the house of the owner. There is also a kind of white tea, which grows in Sri Lanka and the province of Nilgiri. Externally, the leaf is quite a hike on tea produced in China. But that’s all the similarity ends with him. There are also interesting and kind of tea “Darjeeling”: the technology of its production somewhat similar to Chinese white, but in terms of taste and aroma of beverages vary.

White tea: production technology

Technology of production of white tea is unique in its kind. In the mountains of Fujian province at the height of 1500-2200 meters is the production of the Main tea collection period is from mid – March to early April months. While white tea is assembled by hand and rigorously early in the morning. Typically, gathering overlook about five in the morning, and at nine o’clock he concludes.

The tea pickers harvest demands. The aroma of the leaves is extremely important to maintain, so the pickers on plantations should not eat spices, onions, drink alcoholic beverages. If the collection period starts raining, the weather was windy, as a rule, the entire crop is lost. This leads to a sharp increase in the prices of white tea, which is not cheap.

Very strictly selected leaves for white tea: break only the young leaves, on which no damage. For elite and expensive teas are selected only the top leaves from the Bush.

After collection, the next stage – all the leaves podvjalivajutsja, then dried under the sun in a natural way. Alternately during the dry tea leaves are placed in the shade, and then finish the process in a special oven. Happen when the season white tea due to weather conditions there is no possibility to dry thoroughly in the sun. In this case, apply the dryer, which are located indoors. But with this method tea for its flavor will be much inferior to dried naturally.

After tea ready for packaging, it does not require twisting or other action: contact at the production stage with the person minimum. During the sorting of tea raw materials are the best buds go for the best grade Bai Hao Yin Zhen. The remaining material is screened, and then packaged as a variety Show may.

It is believed that after the manufacture of white tea should not be consumed immediately, it takes approximately a month to reach a certain condition. Eventually however, this kind of tea only gets better, but too long-term storage and transportation’t tolerate too well.

The main beneficial properties of white tea

White tea has many different medicinal qualities, it is called the elixir of longevity, youth and health. The content of useful elements this variety of tea is on the first place, because in the manufacturing process of the sheet is not subjected to any thermal or chemical treatment, so all the vitamins in its composition are retained in full. Peony white tea contain trace elements of various amino acids and vitamins b, PP, P Caffeine content in white tea are much lower than in other varieties, so drink it at any time of the day. It is believed that white tea is one of the most effective means of chronic fatigue syndrome in humans.

Taste characteristics

Amazing notes of the fragrance present in the white tea, peculiar only to this sort of drink. Bai Mu Dan, for example, consists solely leaves and white buds with different levels of fermentation, and Bai Hao Yin Zhen in the composition are present exclusively white kidney. This is why some varieties of white tea are so uneven in colour from pure white to brown.

White tea consistently has a light and delicate taste, very refreshing and it is incredibly intense. The color of the brewed tea is a pale peach. with light notes of amber Shine. This infusion is completely transparent.

In most cases, elite varieties of white tea, which have a higher cost, taste more vivid and deep, and the flavor cannot be compared. So, for example, grade Bai Hao Yin Zhen is the owner of sophisticated flavor, which will be particularly highly valued by true connoisseurs of tea. It is believed that this kind of tea, you should try to a person who is already familiar with such varieties of this elite drink. But Bai Mu Dan, by contrast, has a more pronounced taste, bright and deep taste.

Most often produced white tea in loose form, it is also produced and associated teas, which can include various natural supplements: chrysanthemum, Jasmine, etc. But it should be noted that flowers often score a unique aroma and taste of this tea.

Quite often on the market you can find fakes of white tea. He issued ordinary green tea, sometimes even mimic the inherent white varieties aroma. That is why sometimes extremely difficult to distinguish a fake that will not possess the unique properties of white tea.

The process of brewing white tea

For brewing white tea requires knowledge of the rules: non-compliance may lead to the fact that the drink will be spoiled. Pour tea requires hot water whose temperature is 60 to +85 degrees Celsius. Thus water cannot boil: it is considered that in this case she is dead, devoid of the unique natural qualities.

The best way is “pin cha”. This Chinese brewing technology allows you to fully uncover all the amazing qualities and nuances of white tea. To brew the best Cup of glass, and also glass, porcelain or ceramic teapots. You can also brew in a gaiwan. One person will need to take approximately three to five grams of white tea and 150 ml of water specified above temperature. In a short period of time the tea can be brewed several times, enjoying his excellent taste properties.

Storage white tea

Storage white tea must always be carried out in a dry place. It is best to use a carefully sealed container made of ceramic. Should not be placed near tea-smelling foods, various spices, as odors very quickly absorbed.

It is considered that store white tea should be within one year prior to the subsequent crop. But it should be noted that the tea pickers harvest keep it much longer, considering that over the years this sheet only becomes useful qualities.

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