Cafe “Pattern” in the basement of the Museum of architecture named Shchusev changed the kitchen of the French restaurant into a café. Other now owners. First it was Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich and the Alexandrina Markvo, famous socialites. Now «Moire” moved to the real restaurateurs — Alexander Zaturenska and Boris Yaroslavtsev.

Externally, the new “Pattern” differs from the old only light and minimalist chairs upholstered in cream leather. The rest is still whitewashed vaulted ceilings, an open kitchen behind a curtain, like in the bathroom, window with frosted glass. The former refectory by Apothecary assistance “playing” she at any gastronomic situation, the main

thing — not to interfere. Now here is the reign of manti with lamanai “from the best Uzbek cooks”. Empty earlier “Pattern” in the blink of an eye filled with people. Now here at eight in the evening on weekdays absolute “cue” — so in the language of restaurateurs called the filled hall.

The waitress is pretty, but nothing about Oriental cuisine. After hearing her story about that wonderful stuffing cakes made of unleavened dough with herbs and cheese under the name “peslak Gunma” (150 p.) as Parmesan cheese and put, we stopped torturing her useless questions. The evening was followed by chicken soup with homemade noodles and meatballs «Ugra Osh” (R. 310). Noodles — truly a home, meatballs — of good chicken meat. In General — a great soup, but he’s not quite chicken — the broth was obviously cooked lamb. Surprise was also “Carton” (200 p.) — salad with gherkins and fillet of lamb, seasoned with something based sauce “Kikkoman”. Instead of gherkins in it had fresh sliced cucumbers. However, it was still delicious. Impossible was good and cold appetizer with globalist called “Asia” (R. 220) — almost eggplant caviar with tomato, peppers and onions. Braised southern ingredients-the vegetables were spicy flavor “haze”. Manty on Uighur (R. 290) — three impressive “mammoth” from the test welding al dente with tender juicy meat inside, served with sweet sour cream. In a state of goodness Bukhara led tea with orange (150 p.).

In the “MUAR” really simple synthesis of kitchen and interior designer turned out to be a win-win move. Zaturinskiy with Yaroslavtseva went the path of least resistance for speedy profits: saved on the interior, but implemented all your favorite, inexpensive kitchen.

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