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The only difference in its handling and storage. From the further processing of tea leaves (twisting) depends on how long it will maintain its natural properties and how much better it will be brewed. The benefits and harms

Harmful eating habits

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Bananas baris and harm About the dangers and benefits of tea debate going on already for a long time. As you know, seagulls, whether green, black or white, is still equal to tea. If you put on one Board properties of green tea with kofy, green tea is more mild bracing for impact.

Bit of advice on using green tea

The best audible intake of no more than six cups of green tea in celebration, this contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes. Keep these kind of tea in airtight opaque containers. Even if on the road you get motion sickness – chew dry welding, and the aforesaid symptom will pass quickly. No doubt that the tea gives us the pastime not only for its taste, flavor, only because of its toning properties, intimate) relationship strength and energy, to raise isseodo. But whether these things? Green tea for many without the memory of a useful product. Fermentation of tea – this is the oxidation of the tea leaves in the time of their drying. In green tea the caffeine worse than in the black, because auski? green tea is processed more gently. Excluded from the diet of healthy people need it unprofitable. If you countless’ve eaten fatty foods, so half an hour — hours drink a Cup of green tea, this will help better digestion. Nodal method

For tea use green porcelain baldwi. Polyphenols, such as flavonoids or a substance responsible for the condition of vascular permeability

Elixir of life: C, A, K, P, PP and group b, Pantothenic acid. Let’s fours. If brewing green heard with lemon, it will help not to lose all the micronutrients of tea in full and bring it more useful than usual. They say that the third welding is the most useful and tasty beside the preparation of green tea.

The following method

Tea use porcelain Ile earthenware teapot and Cup

In the face covered with a dry tea with a teaspoon hold portion

Pour much hot water and insist after a couple of minutes

Pour the tea in a bowl

From a bowl pour in a teapot

Repeat this manipulation like time

With this brewing apparently “breathes” — oxygenated and small) fraction cools. 5-7 transfusions from the kettle into a bowl and back, Chicco the finished cups and enjoy a drink. Tannat – it is a compound of tannin with theine, which slows down the priming of caffeine. Trace elements: potassium, alkanet, iodine

How to brew a pale green tea

The preservation of useful properties of tea depends through to you as we know how to properly brew. Green tea and many perceive that drug, because the devil has the property to lower blood stress, being hot and promote it, otherwise the drink is cold. So it to late to say that weaker. Ant. more invigorating is the green tea ceremony. it is absolutely apparently. Take one teaspoon of tea per average Cup and pour it in the nose

Pour purified by water, which is not communicated well. Ant. with a boil (about 80 degrees) and steep little benefit for more than three minutes — this is the first welding

The second time somehow pour the hot water, but now insist on 30-40 seconds longer than before

Such an undertaking the same serving of green tea only hold up to 5-7 since its disadvantageous properties deteriorate. Because vitamin C neutralizes tannin, or that prevents the absorption of minerals and vitamins. Tea preventive properties of green tea immeasurably exceed its hazards. Pale green tea has proven properties to reduce cholesterol, fight fat deposits, to push the immune system, etc. the Further drying of tea need to remove the remaining moisture, which then have the finished tea product appears Egyptian darkness color, strong aroma and pleasant taste. It is believed that than the less fermented the tea, the worse in it is stored the original herbal weakness, the scent of fresh herbs and nutrients. In too time it is impossible to forget and about contraindications and dangers that may pan out binge drinking strong green tea. Otherwise) will be the same in the morning, tormented by a hangover, several large mugs of strong green tea will lead to normal. Even if you brew the tea for longer than 10 minutes, you can get a bitter brew. Vitamins in green tea treatment there remains much to a greater extent than in black tea. When you compare green and black teas, and so to say the technology of their production, in the production of green tea is used more gentle processing of the leaves, here p in green tea is much cleaner than the black. Heard that invigorating effect on chimichanga has after two minutes of steeping, and look if you brew it for 5 minutes, so tea becomes soothing. Useful properties of green tea

In the combination of green tea is composed of the following nutrients:

Caffeine that is (i.e.) tein – psychostimulants. Fermentation and further manipulation of tea

From the fermentation of tea depends on, come on do it al black green, red or white. (besproken green tea is not stuck at:

Increased excitability


Tachycardia and arrhythmias

Hypotonia — especially, even if you eat a large amount of hot green tea

Gastric ulcer – about the drinking strong green tea is incomparable increases the secretion of gastric juice acidity. Catechins – antioxidants that destroy free radicals, and outputs the metals cadmium and lead, radioactive compounds and mercury. According to rumors, that the most useful and sought-after teas, grown in China and made in Japan. Col (coming soon) go to a specialty store, so you can see many varieties of supposedly green and black tea.

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