About apples

(The recipe is simple, delicious and beautiful Apple smoothie at the end of the post)

“Eat, girl, my Apple, then say…” . said forest Apple tree in an old Russian fairy-tale “Geese and swans”

And modern modern Apple tree girl would say:

“My child, why my apples

vitamins C, B1, B2, P, E, carotene, potassium, iron, manganese, calcium,

pectin, sugars, organic acids.

In addition: a large number of trace elements: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, aluminum, boron, vanadium, iron, iodine, copper, molybdenum, Nickel, fluorine, chromium, and zinc.

And the girl answered : “FIE, my father in the house and Polish not ing, not that forest, wild…”

Hello lovely!

“Think hard, never give up!”- insists good Apple ,

“Tell you a secret that soon you will be sprinting”.

And to you it was more clear, why would you want to eat apples, explain in %: vitamin C — 8-22,4; vitamin e — 60-400, vitamin B1 — 0,8—2,3; vitamin B2 — 0,05; vitamin B6 0,08; carotene 0,02—0,03.

“I eyesi now Apple?

I don’t know…, meets girl.

– Yes, you! You also have a competition with geese-swans!

And I have green apples, they are the most useful for running, because it still contain Bis 0,07; E 0,63 mg% and Biotin to 0.30 μg%.

And peel my fruits contains more flavonoids.

“Well, here’s a clever boy, and while you chew the Apple I tell you that…

In the composition of the Apple contains from 5 to 50 mg% chlorogenic acid, which promotes the excretion of oxalic acid and, in addition, contributes to normal functioning of the liver.

Thanks to the Apple pectin also becomes part of their defenses, so no Baba Yaga you will not overcome.

Because pectin binds the intake of harmful substances such as lead and arsenic, and removes them from the body ” .

the researchers found in apples polyphenol epicatechin!

But this is a complex element that improves blood circulation, increases the level of protection of the immune system and rejuvenates the heart.

It reduces the process of hardening of the walls of blood vessels, which is one of the main reasons for establishing the risk of heart disease, heart attack or stroke by 21%.

And which apples are the richest e-E. thus, the polyphenol epicatechin, you know?

The most significant concentration of epicatechin polyphenol found in the wild, ie my apples, say scientists.

Now, girl, how I labored, collecting all these benefits for you, my darling, because she is-I don’t eat apples!

So thank God for giving me such a service to people and eat, eat, eat apples!

If you have a blender, You can prepare smoothies from apples, apricots and bananas for a few minutes.

how to make smoothie

I was convinced that smoothie in the morning is always good. And the kids for Breakfast (five minutes a child will eat 3-5 apples before school!), and losing weight for parents, grandparents — for easy chewing. And if sanocki. Wooo!

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