A delicious and healthy beverage – cocoa

Many of us know that cocoa is very healthy and tasty drink. Therefore, it is desirable to know how to cook cocoa to from time to time to cook for yourself and your family with this fragrant and chocolate drink. So, for those who are

going to prepare this delicacy for the first time, try to dot the “e” in the question of how to brew cocoa.

Recipe: How to cook cocoa

For the preparation of cocoa to need milk, ideally home cow, a small amount of sugar and, of course, cocoa powder. In a pot in which to boil the cocoa, it is necessary to pour a small amount of water, so that the bottom was completely covered. Once the water boils, you should pour into a saucepan the milk. At this time in the Cup thoroughly mix the cocoa powder and sugar, then add a little water and stir thoroughly so as to achieve a homogeneous dense chocolate mixture without lumps.

The next stage of preparation – compound chocolate mixture and milk. To do this, constantly stirring the milk, it is administered in a mixture with the cocoa, then the contents of the pan bring to the boil and simmer for three minutes, then turn off the gas.

Mixing ratio cocoa: 2 liters of milk need to take 6 tablespoons of cocoa powder and 4 tablespoons of sugar.

When cocoa was removed from the heat, not cooling, is poured into cups or glasses and serve with crackers, cookies, biscuits and muffins.

The preparation described above, is considered a classic recipe of cocoa, but there are other, more interesting and original ways. In this article will be mentioned about these three: cocoa with egg yolk, cocoa with whipped cream, cold cocoa with ice cream.

For the preparation of cocoa with egg yolk, cocoa is brewed according to the traditional recipe. Then RUB the yolks (one yolk to two servings of cocoa powder) with sugar and cocoa powder and pour into the pan with cocoa ready. Then the drink is whipped with a whisk and immediately served in glasses or cups.

For cocoa with whipped cream is also used cocoa, brewed according to the classic recipe, it is poured into the prepared cups so that they were filled to half. Then whisk the cream and icing sugar and spread one tablespoon of cocoa.

Cook the cocoa in the recipe, it is cooled. Then put in a glass ball of chocolate ice cream and poured on top of cocoa. The top of the Cup or glass in which to serve this dessert you can decorate with whipped cream or fresh berries.

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